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In the field of sub-publishing, the Wintrup own software system ensures that during automatic data exchange in every direction Counterpoint- as well as CWR-data files can be easily imported and processed at collecting societies as well as at our partners offices.
This guarantees a fast and fluent registration of works with the societies on the one, and an always in time, quarterly accounting of all royalties to the original beneficiaries on the other hand.
Accountings can thereby be provided in either the known Microsoft Office formats and/or in the form of said Counterpoint compatible files.
A maximum of transparency is achieved through the neatly edited Wintrup statements which always show full details of accounting data as provided by the societies. All relevant info is being forwarded one-to-one.
Based on the direct membership with GEMA, SUISA, austro mechana/AKM and PRS FOR MUSIC various data structures are initially incurred which are standardised in Wintrup statements like this:
Components of the statements
Title song title
Author composer(s), lyricist(s)
Source society of collection
Period period of income
Rights form of income/exploitation
Terr. territory of collection
Manufacture manufacturer (mechanical rights)
Cat.–No. catalogue number (mechanical rights)
Sales sales figure (mechanical rights)
Amount received full amount received by Wintrup
Share received share controlled/received
Comm. % commission deducted by the societies
Your % percentage due to the original beneficiary
Your Share actual amount due to the original beneficiary

Affiliated/ administered publishers, editions and authors originally published by Wintrup receive identical statements in the Excel format provided that the rights are either owned or administered by Wintrup, respectively licenses have been issued directly by Wintrup.