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Kurt Tucholsky – Wegen ungünstiger Witterung fand die deutsche Revolution in der Musik statt.

„Due to the bad weather the German Revolution took place in the music.“ (Kurt Tucholsky)

WINTRUP – a modern and agile independent music publisher. In the middle of further concentrating, multinational “Major-Data-Administration-Machines” and a continuously changing and turning market the owner run Wintrup music publishing, with offices in Berlin and Detmold (located between Cologne and Hannover in the most populous federal state North Rhine Westphalia), has to offer a great amount of structural, economical as well as creative assets, from which represented authors, international original publishers, administered publishers from Germany and abroad as well as artists, writers and editions can benefit.
Starting as a management company and concert agency in 1974, the clear composition of the company with a plain hierarchy and a “short and direct way politics” guarantees a maximum acceleration of all processes.
A quarter yearly accounting cycle, automatic data processing in our own, but fully Counterpoint/ CWR compatible, state-of-the-art IT system and an administration (for further details see “ADMINISTRATION” below) which is individually shaped according to each project and each requirement, ensure a fast and efficient royalty tracking/collection and of course – last but not least – a quicker accounting of monies to our partners and writers. The direct membership of Wintrup with many European collecting societies (GEMA, SUISA, austro mechana/AKM, PRS FOR MUSIC) ensures an immediate access to royalties in all European countries and whenever necessary there is a worldwide network of chosen, independent and similarly structured sub-publishers for the international implementation and exploitation of Wintrup copyrights, that can be adapted to every special requirement and situation of any individual author and/or catalogue in order to reach optimum representation within the different markets.
Unique features of Wintrup’s work surely are the in-house departments for promotion and creative services, as well as the extensive, detailed advisory service, for example in the field of synchronisation (for further details see “SYNC”) or with regard to the procurement of license- or distribution deals with all relevant record companies. Especially for publishers abroad and for publishers/editions with an involvement in the management of authors and artists this is a clear bonus feature and a service that goes way beyond the actual work of a publisher.
In the international sector there are for example David Guetta, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Cat Power, Warpaint, Radical Face or icons such as Tom Waits, Andrew Lloyd Webber, John Fogerty/CCR, the late George Harrison, Robert Johnson or Pete Seeger and leading Independent-Publishers such as Beggars/4AD Music, Bicycle Music/Anthem Music & Media, Jalma Music, What A Publishing, Write Here Music or Modern Works Music who are represented by Wintrup (for further details see “ARCHIV”).
Domestically there are long-lasting collaborations with such exceptional, as well as trend-setting writers, artists and bands like Judith Holofernes, Wir sind Helden, Gisbert zu Knyphausen, Olli Schulz, Leoniden, Gloria, Bilderbuch, Boy, Get Well Soon, Nneka, Enno Bunger, Käptn Peng & die Tentakel von Delphi, Lemur, Truemmer, bergen, lùisa, Nosoyo, lilly among clouds, Gewalt, Eating Snow, Voegel die Erde essen, Blackmail, Serafyn, Ursina, Bernd Begemann and many more, plus the extensive catalogues with songs for example by D.A.F., Krokus, Helloween, Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung, Hubert von Goisern, Kraan, Tab Two, Rosenstolz and The Notwist standing for the presence and development of the publishing company.
The Wintrup music publishing company has practised from the start, what others have only been talking about for years: the strong involvement of the company in all areas of the music business in the digital age – starting with the classics radio/TV, advertising/film (for further details see “SYNC” on the right) and proactive song-pitching for pop-, super- and other stars (incl. several no 1 singles from TV casting shows like “Popstars”, “DSDS” (German “Pop Idol”) or “Helden von Morgen” (Austria)), to new(est) technologies and exploitation opportunities, a strategic management and, still a big focus: intensive contacts within the live-scene , with tour promoters, agents, clubs and merchandisers (for further details see “CONCERTS”).
All in all an established and highly functional package, that is open to national and international authors and publishers alike.

Affiliated Publishers:
Bushqueen Music, Calren Music, Flex-Ton, Freudenhaus, Midway, omeN Music Publishing, Bilderbuch Musik OG and United Talents.

Representation of international Publishers:
4AD Music, 76 Steps Music, 800 Pound Gorilla Music, Allstar Music, Alma Road Music, Amber Star Music, Arlocor Music, Beggars Music, Bicycle Music, Bike Music, Clap Productions, Concord Music, Dan Hodges Music LLC, Doorman Music, Dormat Music, D-Plac, Drive-On, Editer A Paris, Editions Cyril Dohar, Fall River, Fearless Records/Fearmore Music, Fido Speaks, Figs. D, Music, Full Flavour, Good Daisy Music, Grounded Music France, Gwenwed, Habana Music Publishing Ltd., Handle Bar Music, Happy Valley Music, Harrisongs, Harry Ellis Music, Heathwave Music, Hyvetown Music Inc., Jalma Music, Jamie Music Publishing, Jondora, Kohaw Music, Mainspring Watchworks Music, Margo Brothers, Mattitude Music LLC, Melody Crafter, Modern Works Music Publ., Modjo Music, MPCA, North Star Media, Ny-O-Dae Music, OTB Publishing, Paper Jam Music, Penny Farthing Music, Perfectly Formed Songs Ltd., Ponce Songs, Premier Muzik, Prestige Music, Prime Direction Inc. London Branch (SGO), Razor & Tie, Rister Editions, Rounder Music, Rumbalo Music, Sanga Music, Slim Chance, The Really Useful Group, Too Pure Music, Umlaut, Unchained Melody Publishing, Victoire Songs, Wardlaw Music, What A Publishing, Wintrup Songs Ltd., Write Here Music, XL Music